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Turf Master Lawn Care
premier lawn company in the metropolitan Atlanta marketplace with an emphasis on utilizing the finest products
Monterrey Painting
Monterrey Painting
You should feel confident that you are hiring the best in the business. We prepare the area properly and use the right equipment for the job.

Tacos Gwinnett

Taco Mexico is a great family restaurant that provides you with authentic and flavorful Mexican dishes

Kiko's Tacos and More
Come see why we've been a neighborhood family favorite since 2012.  Put the suit away when heading to Kiko's Tacos & More ? dress is casual, as are the vibes.

Yogurt Buford GA
Discover the wonderfully rich tastes of YogoFruit.Using traditional old world paletas of Latin American influence.

Pure Reef Salt Water Fish GA
Pure Reef has the largest selection of marine fish, live corals, invertebrates, as well as support equipment and products anywhere in Georgia.

Rv Rentals Gwinnett, GA

Great Escape RV of Metro Atlanta, provides clean, reliable RV rentals and RV Service.

SolarWorks The Window Film People
The Window Film People


Dog Training In Your Home
(404) 501-0002

Proven Results • Recommended By Vetinarians

You will see quick results and track your dog’s progress

Our company prides itself on the qualifications of our dog training instructors. All of our instructors must under go intensive training.

First, we are very picky about who we hire as a dog training instructor. Our dog trainers must have excellent communication skills with people and their dogs. We certify our instructors in each program we offer. All instructors must learn training concepts and our unique multi-method-training system
TM. Our Dog Trainers are tested in handling exercises, communication skills, and extensive problem solving procedures. Unlike most dog trainers, we are not trying to prove the one method of training is the best. Once we start training your dog, we will use our unique multi-method-training systemTM to suit your dog's personality and temperament. This process will advance your dog at a steady rate of training and ensure that you can see quick results and track your dog’s progress.

Obedience Training, Housebreaking AND Problem Solving

Obedience Training: ALL dogs are trainable; however, they don’t all respond equally to the same methods of training. Through our unique Multi-Method Training™, Dog Training in Your Home instructors master many training styles so they can ensure the fastest results for your dog. Training that is fun for you and your dog works best. Example Dog Obedience Commands

Housebreaking: We use a scientific approach to housebreaking... the first step is to write a custom feeding and watering schedule that will align your dog’s urine and BM to your schedule and routine. We will teach you how to mark and reward going outside, and to discourage eliminating inside. Your dog will quickly learn that going in the yard is a great experience and that going in the house is not allowed.

Problem Solving: In many cases the dog’s home environment can actually enable behavior problems. We take a three-part approach to solving your problems. We focus on showing your dog the difference between right and wrong behavior – teaching your dog how to make the right choice. We also work with the owners on how to prevent from enabling behavior problem in the home environment.

Puppy Training, Dogs & Babies and Aggressive Dogs

Puppy Training: Studies have proven a dog's brain is neurologically complete at 7 weeks old. It is at this point that a dog will begin forming habits - both good and bad. Starting at 8 weeks of age our preventative training techniques will guide your dog's behaviors, teach good manners and build an excellent relationship between you and your dog. Adult Dogs Old dogs can learn new tricks! Our training programs will change unwanted behaviors, teach good manners and build an excellent relationship between you and your dog.
More on Puppies

Dogs & Babies: Our dog training instructors can assist you in the first introduction of your dog and your new baby. How you introduce them can make a difference in your dogs attitude towards your new child, but we are still able to improve the relationship of your dog and baby after the fact. Here are some tips for you baby and dogs’ first meeting.

Aggressive Dogs: A dog will display aggression for many reasons. Most aggression stems from anxiety within your dog. Some dogs view people and other dogs as threats and attempt to defend the owner and home from this threat. Training an aggressive dog requires a very unique skill. Most trainers will not even attempt this. Most trainers feel that your dog needs to be put in his place to eliminate the aggression. Our trainers use a very unique method that teaches your dog that aggressive behavior is not allowed and also shapes out the anxiety that leads to the aggression in the first place. This will bring comfort to your dog. Controlling his anxiety will relieve not only your aggression problem; it will also reduce stress on you and your dog.

For more information about Protection Training, Customized Services, Methods of Training and Group Classes Visit our web site

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